PIQS is a registered trademark of Butterfly Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. We are one of the earliest companies in the world to develop micro optical engine and have been a technology leader in projection display industry for more than 10 years. Innovation is one of our core mission, we have developed a large number of IPs and know-hows around optical designs, software and algorithms, and associated component technologies on “Smart Projection”.

Our goal is to become a global technology leader with solid foundations in basic optics, light source, software, and precision mechanics. From this, we can better serve our customers living in a smarter and happier life.

Butterfly is the inventor of a brand-new product concept – PIQS Smart Projector. It has many leading technical features that none of today’s projector offers. Its “Virtual Touch” technology offers touch-panel experience when users interact with the projection screen from a distance, with the help of Butterfly’s patented Virtual Touch Remote Controller. It also automatically adjusts focus without turning the knob on the unit. With deeply-customized Android system, our projector also offers unique playing experience in games and other Apps. 

*This website is an offical webiste of PIQS - Butterfly Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. 

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What is PIQS ?

PIQS【'pɪks】, is an abbervaiton of Pictures, beautiful and vivid Pictures.


Our Vision

By our unqiue technology and passion for projection, we strive for bringing people fun and happiness sharing.

Something happens in movies like virtual interaction with lights & images will happen in the furture.

We will make it happen.




Traditional projector is changing and we have responsibility to show our customers a new horizon of technology changes.

By combining the application of industry best practice and our expertise to deliver high quality, valuable and innovative products for our customers.


2002 - Establised as a leading optical components and display technology manufacturer.

2005 - Launched the world's first 720P LCoS rear projection TV

2006 - Launched the world's first 1080P LCoS TV at CES

2007 - Developed the smallest optical engine for Pico projector

2008 - Launched the world's first mobile phone projector in China.

2009 - Developed the world's first RGB-LED LCoS optical engine.

2009 - The word's first DLP pico projector.

2010 - Shared almost 60% market share of optical engine.

2013 - The world's first LED projector with Autofocus feature.

2013 - Developed the unprecented "Virtual Touch Interactive" technology using in projector.

2014 - PIQS branding for our innovative LED projector.

2014 - Smart projector X1 with android was launched.

2015 - The best Innovative Projector Award by China Projector Association.

2015 - Higher resolution and brightness projector Z1 and Y1 were launched with impressive recognition.

2016 – Developed an innovative application of Projection Mapping with AR technology.

2016 – Granted US patents of Auto Focus and Virtual Touch

2017 – Joined CES with great success and introduced our latest model, TT.

2017 – Launched PIQS TT Virtual Touch Projector with brand new features.