PIQS Draw – Great for Business Presentation

A versatile built-in feature to draw/highlight anything on the screen during presentation or picture viewing. You can just use your remote and point out something important on screen even if you are presenting far away from the screen.



PIQS Painter – Enrich your Children’s Imagination

We care about your children, and we develop a simple but fun application for them. PIQS Painter is an interesting tool for your children to learn and play.


User Interface – Friendly and Clear

We save your time and design a friendly and clear user interface for you. You should be familiar with this interface and interact with it fast and easily.



Search Capability

A simple but intelligent built-in search feature help you find out what you want in Apps, Files or Internet.



Wireless, Fun Sharing

Many people wanna see,but too small screen to share!With Wi-Fi connected,you can share your smartphone or table content with your family or friends in a much Bigger screen!