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Casting/Mirroring with your Phone/Pad

For those who may need to use AirPlay or Miracast, please download this AirScreen into your USB drive and get it installed into your projector. 

You can also download AirScreen from APKPure App store from your projector. 




  1. The projector does not turn on.

    1. Make sure the power cord of the projector is plugged into the wall power AC inlet.

    2. Charge the battery for some time and restart.

  2. The image is blurred.

    1. Shake the unit a bit and trigger the Auto Focus feature.

    2. Restart the unit.

    3.On Advanced Settings, turn off Autofocus, and then turn on manual focus to adjust. After that, turn on the autofocus again if necessary.

  3. Cannot see the remote controller pointer on the screen, or the pointer is flicking.

    1. Avoid using the projector in sunlight and a bright light environment.

    2. Charge your remote controller.

    3. Hold and point the remote to the screen without blocking by any obstacle.

    4. Repair the remote controller by pressing “Volume (+) & (-) for seconds close to the projector. The status light on the remote blinks first and remains lighted later. “Repairing done” will be shown on screen.

    5. During auto focus/auto keystone, the remote is temporarily stopped. 

  4. Cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

    1. Make sure the projector is in the range of Wi-Fi network.

    2. Check the password is correct.

    3. Restart the unit.

  5. No sound

    1. Check the volume on the remote controller.

    2. Check your source media or your volume control on streaming device.

  6. No picture after connecting to other devices through HDMI slots.

    1. Check you have connected the correct cables, HDMI is detected automatically.

    2. Check the App which plays the video or image support the media or not.

    3. Check the resolution of your connected device or try different resolution setting in your device.

  7. 3D is not working

    1. Make sure your 3D glass is active shutter type which is battery powered.

    2. Make sure it supports DLP Link 3D Ready.

  8. Brightness is dropped

    1. The brightness will be adjusted if there is no power supply connected.

    2. Connect the power supply, the brightness will be increased automatically.